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Well, I never wanted to come for the camp but Kris persuaded me and asked that I should come. I dragged my feet to the camp and at first I wasn’t very comfortable because obviously I didn’t want to come but then some moments later I loosened up.

I met with great, disruptive, jovial and sweet people like G.P, Hans Bello, Jimmy, Obinna, Paul, Kerry, Tong, Excel etc and it was quite a memorable camping experience.

Meeting with these guys had a great impact on my mind especially and gave me a whole new perspective to life generally.

Additionally, serving with the crew at the kitchen was amazing. Although we all just met one another, the vibe was on another level. The coordination was divine, no wonder we were given the award of the best department

I’m grateful to 520 Hub for putting this up and I’m in anticipation of the next camp. -McDaniells

My Transformation happened even before the camp meeting even began. We had prayer sessions in preparation for the meeting and I can honestly say that God has transformed my prayer life. I cannot pray the way I used to again because I’ve outgrown that level and can only continue to grow from here. I got to meet beautiful like-minded people. people who honestly love God and that is where I just want to remain. It was so amazing and refreshing place with youths who love God unashamedly. I also learnt a lot about myself and how I interact with people, I learnt a lot from the people around me and hope others learnt too.
I am glad I was part of Transformation Camp, I am glad I was transformed and honestly didn’t want it to end but the camp meeting was just the beginning of the transformation and it continues even after the camp.
I am so excited for the next camp meeting because God is taking me from glory to glory and I am here for it!!!! -Kerry

My transformation story basically rally around the new circle God built up for me by himself. I have quantum leaped by virtue of the people I met by the instrumentality of the TRANSFORMATION CAMP -Christopher

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