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Thank God for a successful camp meeting. Camp happened despite several occurrences, we believe everything was divinely orchestrated.
As the camp was themed “transformation”, we had platoons named after characters in the transformers movie, such as; Bumble Bee, Megatron, Titan and Optimus prime ( Transformer fans will get it). We also had hostel named Gigantium Base, hydrax Base and so much more.
Honestly, with all the transformation stories and testimonies we are just grateful that people came and were transformed.
I will say this, even if it were just one Transformation testimony, it goes a long way in showing how much God loves us individually to convene a meeting just for that one person to get reconciled to and be transformed by Him.
We had sermons and exhortations from ministers like Pst. Karis Wealth, Pst. Franka Yusuf, Apostle Joshua Sani, Pst. Korede and so many more. We also had musical ministrations from our very own 5:20 Music, Alvin Akilah, Third music, Soulpee and I can say it was a beautiful time.
Below and in subsequent posts are the stories and testimonies we got from Transformation Camp. All we can say is, God showed His face.

Transformation stories

I already started getting my miracles from the first two days of the camp. God was awesome, He started showing up, releasing men to help me.
I was so happy and my life was Transformed. I saw God like never before, everything was sweet and wonderful. I met great people and it sharpened my spiritual sensitivity. I give glory to God.
My brother was scheduled to write exams and needed school fees in order to write the exams and God sent someone to give us 100k the day camp ended and we were able to pay the school fees. Thank God.

Just like we all know, the camp started In a very funny way, but kicked off graciously later on and it’s been a process all through. For me, it was the word and the things I learnt in the few counselling sessions where we learnt about “learn, unlearn, relearn” and all those things. It helped me reevaluate my process, reevaluate my work, study my timing as well. All the different sections. The entire process was actually perfect for self development and the entire camp was a Transformation process for me and at the end of the day, it was perfect. I actually went to camp with an expectation of getting refreshed in the work I was doing and want to do, getting revitalized and having fresh new ideas on work, what to do, what to Target, where next to go and all other questions like these. I had all sorts of questions in my head before camp and it was like a reset button for me and to be honest, I found the push I needed and i thank God for that as well. You could say I got Transformed in the mind and in work.

Transformation Camp ’21 was such an awesome experience.

My mind was transformed by merely discussing with such amazing young minds who are burning for Christ. I also got to meet with God through the activities that took place in the camp.
Thank you.

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